SCBA and Salem Media Group Meet with Congressman Steve Knight

The SCBA and Salem Media Group have continued to meet with various U.S. Representatives in Southern California over the past 16 months to secure their support and to reject any attempts by Congress to pass the Fair Play Fair Pay Act" (HR1733). This proposed law could extract hundreds of millions of dollars in additional royalties from our business that would be paid to record labels and is clearly unwelcomed by the Radio industry. Radio stations all across the U.S. already pay hundreds of millions in ASCAP/BMI royalty fees and this proposed additional burden would be very detrimental to Southern California Radio. With 221 signatures from various lawmakers rejecting any such new royalty fees, solid progress is being made. Although the fight is far from over. Please make sure your voice is heard by asking your local Representative to support local Radio and reject any such proposed legislation like HR 1733.

Southern California Broadcasters Association White Paper Report

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