Political Advertising Revenue Alert


The SCBA has introduced The Political Advertising Revenue Alert which has key information our members will need for the blockbuster 2020 political year ahead. According to the latest BIA report on political advertising for 2020,

•    Los Angeles is projected to be the largest local political advertising market in the country in 2020. No other market in the U.S. will be even close in total revenue.
•    Total political revenue for LA alone in 2020 is now projected to be $368 million dollars.
•    TV is expected to gain $168 million, Digital to gain $76 million, cable will get $55 million and Radio in LA alone is projected at $17 million.
•    LA alone did $14.6 million in political Radio revenue in 2018
•    We do not have data for other SoCal markets as yet.

The above 2020 revenue projection does not account for Independent Expenditures, which are unknown at this time, but could be substantial, and critical state wide Proposition measures not yet cleared to be on the ballot for 2020.

As you know, the SCBA has launched a pro-active strategy to reach out to the roughly 45 political consultants in California that will influence so much of this spending. Our focus is on NON LUR revenue. We are doing this far in advance of planning and placement for next year in order to build a dialog, a relationship, and  a value story for Southern California Radio.

Southern California Broadcasters Association White Paper Report

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