Southern California Broadcasters Association and Nielsen Audio Collaborate on a New Study Showcasing Broadcast Radio's Ability to Reach and Motivate Auto Buyers

Los Angeles, CA, June 14, 2017 – The Southern California Broadcasters Association, (SCBA) along with Nielsen Audio, has collaborated on an in-depth study of vehicle buyers in both Los Angeles and San Diego. The very first automotive research study conducted just for Southern California Radio. entitled, “The Automotive Path to Purchase Study,” showcases critical new findings about the value of AM/FM Radio in Southern California for the automotive industry.

“This study provides compelling new information about broadcast radio's unparalleled ability to reach and motivate auto buyers,” said Thom Callahan, President of the SCBA. “Armed with these important new findings, we recommend that all our automotive clients and agencies make AM/FM Radio a much larger part of their media plans going forward”.“We understand the highly competitive nature of today's auto industry and now more than ever, auto advertisers should use broadcast radio to make a greater impact with auto buyers in Southern California.”

The Automotive Path to Purchase Study reveals new information about today's auto customer in Southern California, how they make their buying decisions, what media provides the most reach, and a comparison of how different local media match up to today's local vehicle buyers. The results represent a significant paradigm shift in how media dollars should be spent in today's competitive auto industry.

Selected findings from the study reveal:

  • Radio's weekly reach of automotive buyers, 94% in L.A. and 93% in San Diego, is the greatest of all major media in Southern California
  • Radio delivers 1.8 million people who plan to buy a new auto in L.A. within the next year. This represents $52 billion in planned new auto purchases
  • In San Diego, radio delivers 206,500 consumers who plan to buy a new auto in the next 12 months. That represents $5.9 billion in planned new auto purchases.

“We are pleased to work with the SCBA to showcase radio's strength at driving car buying behavior in the nation's biggest automotive and media market,” said Brad Kelly, Managing Director for Nielsen Audio. “This groundbreaking study provides concrete evidence of broadcast radio's ability to reach and motivate millions of auto buyers in Los Angeles and San Diego."

SCBA and Nielsen Audio held events to capacity audiences in Los Angeles on June 7 and in San Diego on June 8 to reveal the results of the study to the auto industry, its agencies, and all SCBA members.. A copy of the complete SCBA/Nielsen study for both markets has been released for the benefit of all SCBA member radio stations, automotive clients, advertising agencies, media buying services, PR firms, and the press, via its website at

“The SCBA and Nielsen Audio have provided an outstanding automotive research study just for Southern California. This new information will be seen by all of our automotive clients in the coming weeks,” said Dan Kearney, Chairperson of the SCBA board of directors. “AM/FM Radio in Southern California just took a giant leap forward in our value to the auto industry,” said Kearney.


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