The Local Path to Automotive Purchase

The SCBA and the Nielsen Research Company will present “The Local Path to Automotive Purchase” on June 7th in Burbank and on June 8th in downtown San Diego. This compelling research study will reveal critical new information about today's automotive customer from people who have purchased a vehicle in the last 12 months in both Los Angeles and San Diego. This automotive research study was commissioned by the SCBA with the industry leader in research and consumer preferences, the Nielsen Research Company. Please note this exclusive study was completed for Southern California, with a focus on what motivates automotive consumers when they are ready to buy.

If you are responsible for automotive sales and/or advertising, please make sure you RSVP to the city nearest you. Seating is limited. Please see the attached invitation and view this special preview video for an exclusive look at what will be our largest automotive research project in years.

Commuter Ad Engagement

We look forward to revealing this critical new automotive consumer information with you and your company. Please see attached invitation and RSVP no later than June 2. Again. Seating is limited.

SCBA_Nielsen Automotive Study Invitation – June 7 – Los Angeles
SCBA_Nielsen Automotive Study Invitation – June 8 – San Diego


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