SCBA Digital Information Series

  1. SPF Social
    Below is a link to an interesting and client focused solicitation from SPF Social, a digital advertising and marketing agency. Please take a few minutes to study who they are and what they are offering our clients.
    SPF Social - 2018 is your year to dominate digital

  2. Top Trends for Digital Advertising in 2018
    January 30, 2018

    • Google and Facebook continue to dominate all digital platforms with Google reporting $24 billion in revenue and Facebook reporting $11 billion worldwide.

    • Video will represent 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019 with 64% of users more likely to buy a product after viewing a video.

    • YouTube will become more attractive to clients as it promotes its “TrueView” feature, allowing clients to only pay for the ads that are viewed for a full 30 seconds on the YouTube platform.

  3. Dealer
    March 7, 2018 is partially underwritten by the auto
    manufacturers in a direct effort to pay for local dealer's digital campaigns to help complement the national digital campaigns launched by the manufacturers. The site assists local dealers with a better understanding and execution of local digital campaigns. currently manages 14,000 local dealer websites and offers ongoing digital ad assistance to 7,100 dealers.

  4. Where the digital money is going by 2020
    April 17, 2018

    The above chart projects substantial growth through 2020 for digital ads, especially in the social display ad and video display ad segments. YouTube will continue its growth pattern as 1.5 billion users spend 1.3 hours per day streaming video on average. And while Facebook is also investing heavily in video content, the real growth for social display ads will come form Instagram. Parent company Facebook reports that Instagram video ad revenue will hit $10.9 billion by 2019, which is $6 billion more than 2018 revenue projections. From all we know, digital advertising growth seems unstoppable.

  5. An open letter to our clients
    April 26, 2018

    The ongoing success of your business is very important to our Radio stations and our digital platforms. It is in that spirit that we bring important information to you and your team that should lead us to a thoughtful conversation about your advertising plans for the rest of 2018.

  6. SCBA Digital Information Series 6 continues with Ad Server Issues with Digital.

    This series can be edited and sent to any of your clients that are heavily invested in non-radio digital platforms. This latest edition is part of an ongoing series called the SCBA Digital Information Series and provides easy to understand and brief information on digital platforms. By taking a true consultative role, the series creates a simple contrast between Radio and digital without negative selling and/or challenging their digital decision making.

    Ad Server Issues with Digital provides just enough digital knowledge to let your clients know your sales teams expertise goes beyond Radio and should set the stage for a value based meeting about the honest and powerful medium called AM/FM Radio.

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