Radio sells Concert Tickets and Pandora is not even close! Real results always come from Radio.

Objective - Concert promoter AEG wanted to generate awareness and excitement for their upcoming Florence & The Machine Concert.  Their target, 18-49 year old alternative rock fans.

Solution - AEG partnered with 96.5 The BUZZ and Pandora to offer fans the opportunity to buy tickets before they went on sale to the general public.  Both alternative music outlets were given a unique pre sale code to give to their listeners.  The tickets were the same.  The price was the same.  The only difference was the pre sale code.

Outcome - Who sold more Tickets, The BUZZ or Pandora?
It wasnít even close.  On the first day, the 96.5 The Buzz presale code sold 1,819 tickets.  The Pandora code only sold 112.  At the end of the three day presale period the score was The Buzz 2,276 to Pandora 168! 

The Moral - Radio activates better than any other medium!
Pandora says they offer single served ads that are micro targeted by age and geography with guaranteed impressions.  If Pandora canít sell tickets to a band that is wildly popular among 18-49ís, how can they sell anything else?

Radio vs. Pureplay - 96.5 The BUZZ vs. Pandora

Southern California Broadcasters Association White Paper Report

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