Jeopardy for Advertisers: Play Along and Win Big 2-14-13

Answer: Increased total reach, increased total frequency, minimal decrease of the TV campaign's R&F - all with no increase in budget - and a stunning improvement in the likely ability of the message to resonate with the potential consumer. Pretty good return on rechanneling some budget.

Question: What would happen if an advertiser reallocated a small portion of a TV campaign budget to radio?

Think of it as a very successful "hedge fund".

CCM+E Insights commissioned MBI to use USA Touchpoints to conduct studies on 2012 ad campaigns for seven different advertisers (2 autos, 2 quick serve restaurants, 2 financials, 1 home improvement store) to explore the benefits of reallocating a portion of their budgets out of TV and into Radio.

MBI tracked potential media exposure for the target audiences for seven advertisers during the periods when they were actively on TV.

They were able to determine reach and frequency of exposure for each advertiser under each scenario ranging from no radio allocation through various alternatives up to a 15% allocation to Radio.

The just-released results were astounding. Reallocating a portion of the budget to radio measurably increased both the reach and frequency of each campaign without compromising the delivery of the TV campaign. Reach increased across the board, an average of 15.5%. Frequency increased an average of 42%.

MBI also introduced a new measurement: RPI - Receptiveness Potential Index. Or, when, based on in-the-moment feedback from the target audience, your ad message is most likely to resonate with potential customers.

USA Touchpoints uses a smartphone app to measure many things from its panel, including how they feel at any given time/place/occasion. By combining that measurement with what media people are using, where they are, what they doing and more, MBI developed RPIs.

Adding radio also improved each brand's RPI substantially, delivering an increase of between 20% and 84% - with no change in budget. An average drop of about 2% in reach from TV bought an increase of 15.5% in reach when reallocating 15% of the budget to radio.

These seven studies help prove that radio can be a game changer for the potential of a campaign to deliver more effectively with no change in budget.

Check out the deck HERE which summarizes the findings of the seven studies. See for yourself the ability of Radio to deliver added reach, frequency and improved receptivity with a smarter media mix.

Southern California Broadcasters Association White Paper Report

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