Clients spending money on Google digital platforms need to know this!

As we all know, digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, and now Snapchat continue to erode Radio budgets, yet the commercial environment that protects a client’s name, reputation, and image for advertisers in this space remains… highly questionable.

AM/FM Radio in Southern California offers advertisers an engaged and active consumer base, and as important, clients never have to worry about the commercial environment their messages will be heard on. This is NOT THE CASE for Google. There is no FCC for the Internet.

To really understand Radio’s strength over digital platforms such as Google, et al, please spend 90 seconds reading Competitive Info: Google: YouTube Ad Safety is Unrealistic

The SCBA is committed to stopping the senseless (Non-Radio) digital erosion that is hurting our member’s (and our client’s) business. We urge all of your teams to make sure their clients understand the safe and secure commercial environment that only AM/FM Radio in Southern California can provide.

Southern California Broadcasters Association White Paper Report

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