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Introducing a very special Radio Sales Training Program…enrollment is now open for the Winter 2016 SCBA Radio/Digital Sales Training Classes. Our classes can be attended by all SCBA member sales teams and those wanting to enter the business as we now offer our exclusive sales training programs ...continue reading

It Was a Great Day for Southern California Radio

<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>It Was a Great Day for Southern California Radio</font></b>

The 2015 SCBA Outstanding Achievement in Radio Advertising Awards was by any measure, a huge success! With record attendance, Radio’s finest advertisers accepted their awards with great appreciation about the strength of Radio and why they are such big supporters of Broadcast Radio and its digi ...continue reading

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The SCBA was the proud host of the Chinese delegation from the Guangxi Autonomous Region of China. The delegation of 22 Radio, TV, Film, Print, Sales, and Internet content directors met with senior management from Entravision Communications, CBS Local, iHeart Media, and Salem Media Group in Los Angeles on 11/16 and 11/17. ...continue reading
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Radio Drives Sales For Retailers</font></b>Exposure to radio drove increase in sales, foot traffic, and dollars spent. ...continue reading
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>SCBU Students Learn Radio and Digital</font></b>The SCBA’s Spring 2015 Radio/Digital Sales Training Classes are in full learning mode with graduation coming soon. Future top billing consultants engage in case history role playing to sharpen their abilities and improve both verbal and written presentation skills. The ten week course is designed for new or newer sales people wanting to invest in themselves and their future careers in Radio. All the best to our newest graduates. Open enrollment for The Fall 2015 SCBA Radio/Digital Sales Training Classes will be announced in July. ...continue reading
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>SCBA Releases White Paper Research on Consumer Response and Listening Satisfaction of Broadcast Radio vs. Pandora Music Service</font></b>The Southern California Broadcasters Association has published its latest SCBA White Paper Research Report entitled, Consumer Response and Listening Satisfaction of Broadcast Radio vs. Pandora internet music service. The SCBA White Paper Research Report provides in-depth analysis on subjects having a direct impact on Southern California Radio. This report is focused on new SCBA requested research that compares the consumer response and listener satisfaction of Broadcast Radio to that of the Pandora internet music service. “We strongly urge all audio advertisers to read this SCBA White Paper and then draw their own conclusions about Radio’s true value as compared to the Pandora internet music service,” said SCBA President Thom Callahan. “This new research showcases Southern California Radio’s listening growth and as a result, its consumer satisfaction. In contrast, the Pandora internet music service has suffered considerable loss of listener satisfaction as well as time spent listening and log in sessions,” said Callahan. (Click the headline for complete article) ...continue reading

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