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<font face = verdana size = 2 color =#990033><b>SCBA Partners with Nielsen for Radio ROI Research Event</font></b>The Southern California Broadcasters Association announced today it will partner with Nielsen to present to Southern California clients and ad agencies on October 30, 2014. This event will showcase the value of Southern California Radio and spotlight new research findings from Nielsen on the link between audio advertising and its impact on ROI as well as its effectiveness. The Radio research event will be hosted by the SCBA on behalf of its members to bring full attention and understanding to these new, significant research findings. The event will feature the senior management from Nielsen Audio, Radio group CEOs with ownership in Southern California, SCBA and its member stations, and hundreds of clients and agencies. (Click the headline for complete story)
Southern California Broadcasters Association
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>SCBA Publishes its Quarterly Market Guidance Report for Q4</font></b>SCBA has published its SCBA Quarterly Market Guidance Report for Q4 2014 for clients, advertising agencies, media buying services and its Radio member stations. The report is a comprehensive look into Southern California Radio listenership trends, key advertising category data, regional economic facts, competitive analysis, relevant industry trends, research highlights, and SCBA recommendations for Q4 Radio advertising strategies. It is published prior to the start of each quarter and is designed to be used as a planning and buying roadmap for Radio advertisers who are trying to understand the upcoming quarter’s important market and Radio trends in Southern California. (click the title for more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Kevn and Bean and KROQ Win Marconi Awards</font></b>The SCBA congratulates member station KROQ-FM, Los Angeles, on winning the 2014 NAB Marconi Award in both the “Rock Station of the Year” and the “Major Market Personality of the Year” categories. It is a rare achievement when one radio station wins in two categories in the same year. We salute KROQ’s creativity, talent, and focus on great Radio programming that entertains, enlightens, and attracts so many Southern California Radio listeners. Well done. You guys truly ROCK!
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Fall 2014 SCBU Radio Sales Training Classes - Now Accepting Applications</font></b>We are excited to announce that our Fall 2014 SCBU Radio Sales Training Classes is now accepting applications for enrollment. Classes begin 9/15. Our graduating students rave about the 10 week course from both an educational and motivational experience. We urge all member stations to help your new team members to succeed by enrolling them today in what will be another sold-out session this Fall. (Click the Headline for complete article)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>SCBA Honors the Legacy of George Nicholaw</font></b>The SCBA mourns the passing over the weekend of George Nicholaw, former Vice President and General Manager of KNX Radio in Los Angeles. George was one of the real leaders in advancing and sustaining the all-news format by hiring experienced Radio journalists in local news, sports, and business, as well as top on air talent. He and CBS Radio created an infrastructure and environment where local news and factual content mattered. His focus on news programming, his business acumen, and the warmth of his personality made George Nicholaw a giant in Southern California Radio and indeed, an example to follow for all Radio GMs anywhere in the country. In 1997 the SCBA honored George with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding contributions to broadcasting and community service in Southern California. At the time, George was the longest-tenured manager of an all-news format radio station in the U.S. George is also a past Chairman of SCBA’s Board of Directors.
<font face = verdana size = 2 color =#990033><b>Casey Kasem: One of the Great Believers and Achievers in Radio</font></b>On behalf of all our Radio members, The SCBA pays homage to the great Casey Kasem, whose amazing life and brilliant Radio career was fully realized in his lifetime. All of us will read many tributes today to this very talented Radio legend. All we can add is our admiration for a man who truly believed in, and demonstrated the true power of Radio every time he was on the air. We can think of no better quote of his on the true value of Radio than this: “Despite all the technical improvements, it still boils down to a man or a woman and a microphone, playing music, sharing stories, talking about issues – communicating with an audience.” We will keep “reaching for the stars,” thanks to you, Casey.
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>SCBA Announces Early Release of Q3 Quarterly Market Guidance Report</font></b>The SCBA Quarterly Market Guidance Report is a comprehensive look into Southern California Radio listenership trends, key advertising category trends, regional economic trends, competitive analysis, relevant industry trends, research highlights, and SCBA recommendations for Q3 Radio advertising strategies. The report is published prior to the start of each quarter and is designed to be used as a planning and buying roadmap for Radio advertisers who are trying to understand the upcoming quarter’s important market and Radio trends in Southern California. (click the headline for more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>MOUNT WILSON FM Announces the Purchase of Radio Station KBOQ FM</font></b>SCBA Member Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters, Inc. buys KBOQ-FM in Monterey, CA. Congratulations to the Saul Levine family on this strategic new purchase. Mount Wilson now has 4 stations and 2 translators in Monterey, giving this progressive broadcaster 6 potential formats to program and serve both Monterey listeners and advertisers. Congratulations. Saul! MOUNT WILSON FM Announces the Purchase of Radio Station KBOQ FM, Monterey, California Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters, Inc, announces the purchase of Radio Station K B O Q FM (103.9) from Mapleton which has just announced the purchase of K W A V from Buckley Radio.. This sale to Mount Wilson allows Mapleton to acquire the KWAV as to comply with FCC Regulations. Mount Wilson has the following facilities in the Monterey Market: KYZZ FM (97.9) KMZT FM 95.9, KMZT FM 95.1 Translator, and 106.7 FM Translator, and KNRY (1240), Monterey.
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>(Digital) The Pandora Myth</font></b>VP/GM Peter Burton of member station KSWD has written the definitive “battle plan” all of us must have if we are to defend Radio and really challenge the many “Pandora myths”. As published in Radio Ink, please read this compelling pushback to Pandora. Imagine telling a story about anything, right or wrong, and never being questioned. Imagine telling a media buyer that your TSL is three hours when it’s really one, without the buyer contesting your claim. Imagine telling an advertiser that you can geotarget ads to listeners, but you really can’t. Imagine assuring media buyers that you can target ads by age and gender when your listener data is unverifiable. Imagine going unchallenged as you “convert” your radio station AQH ratings into cume ratings. Pretty far-fetched, right? Not really: Pandora has been doing all that, and getting away with it, for years now. It has even gone as far as converting AAS (Average Active Sessions) to AQH, and media buyers are buying it — even though Nielsen has challenged Pandora’s metrics and motives — because no one in radio is asking tough questions. Pandora has been successful in stealing radio ad dollars because radio has failed to contest its claims. (Click the title to read more)
<font = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>SCBA Releases White Paper Research on TV’s Viewership Erosion</font></b>The SCBA has published its latest SCBA White Paper Research Report entitled, Traditional Appointment Television’s Technology and Viewership Crisis. The SCBA White Paper Research Report provides in-depth analysis on subjects having a direct impact on Southern California Radio. This report is focused on the rapid erosion of traditional appointment Television as a result of new technology that has altered regional and national TV viewing habits as well as the surging growth of DVR usage that allows viewers to skips through TV commercials. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Ben Hoberman Dies</font></b>We were saddened to learn that Ben Hoberman died over the weekend. Ben was SCBA's chairman of the board in the early '60s and in 2002, the SCBA named its very first broadcasting scholarship in his honor; the Ben Hoberman Radio Broadcasting Award at California State University, Los Angeles. Ben joined us for a luncheon in 2003 to meet the first two winners of his scholarship: Jeffrey Fust (2002) and Rosalinda Coronado (2003). (More, including obituary)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Edward R. Murrow Awards for Excellence in Journalism</font></b>A Special congratulations to SCBA members for winning the 2014 Region 2 (California) Edward R. Murrow Awards for Excellence in Journalism. For best web site in a large market: KPCC for its web site For best news series in a large market: KNX for its news series, “Health Uncovered.” For feature reporting in a large market: KCRW for its feature reporting, “Goodbye to Hollywood Park.” The SCBA and all its members salute the commitment to broadcast and digital journalism these outstanding Radio stations provide to Southern California. Thank you for your service to our region. Well deserved!
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>KHHT Hot 92.3 Wins NAB Crystal Award</font></b>“The SCBA congratulates member station KKHT (“Hot 92.3”) on winning the 2014 NAB Crystal Award for year round community service. We salute their dedication to their listeners and the greater Los Angeles area they so proudly serve.
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>SCBA Quarterly Market Guidance Report Now Available 3/24/14</font></b>SCBA has published its first SCBA Quarterly Market Guidance Report for clients, advertising agencies, and its Radio member stations. The report is a comprehensive look into Southern California Radio listenership trends, key advertising category trends, economic trends, competitive analysis, industry trends, research highlights, and SCBA recommendations for Q2 Radio advertising strategies. The report is published prior to the start of each quarter and is designed to be used as a planning and strategy roadmap for Radio advertisers who are trying to understand the upcoming quarter’s important market and Radio trends in Southern California.
Southern California Radio, like the vast region it serves, offers a diverse and culturally rich variety of formats. The SCBA salutes Lotus Communications as being the first and only Farsi speaking radio station in Southern California. KIRN Radio, 670 on the AM dial, serves the Iranian community here in the greater Los Angeles area, which is home to the largest Iranian population outside of Iran. The education, income, and community involvement of the Iranian listener to KIRN-AM is an advertisers’ ideal customer. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>SCBA Conducts One on One Super Session with State Farm Insurance Sports Client at Sports Conference</font></b>Your SCBA will be representing Southern California Radio at the Radio Ink Sports Conference March 10-11 in San Diego. Many of our sports station members will be in attendance and we hope you will be there. SCBA President Thom Callahan will be conducting a one on one interview with Mandy Garner, Field Marketing Manager for State Farm Marketing - Western Market Area in a super session entitled; Advertiser Super Session (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Congratulations to Saul Levine on 55 Years of Great Radio Broadcasting 2-18-14</font></b>On behalf of the SCBA and all our Southern California Radio members, I would like to congratulate Saul Levine and his family on 55 years of great Radio broadcasting on KKGO. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Radio Ink Announces Medallas De Cortez Award Finalists</font></b>Radio Ink has announced the finalists for the 2014 Medallas De Cortez Awards to be presented at the Radio Ink Hispanic Conference in San Diego, March 10-11. Congratulations to all of the finalists, and especially those from our member stations in Southern California! (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Golden Mike Awards - 1/27/14</font></b>SCBA congratulates our member stations for their Golden Mike Awards. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Important Feedback Needed from all AM Station Operators 1/13/14</font></b>The California Broadcasters Association (CBA) is considering filing comments on behalf of the California Broadcasters Association in the docket on revitalization of AM radio service, MB Docket No. 13-249. The CBA intends to support the six AM improvement proposals the FCC released for comment and several others they believe merit consideration. The FCC has asked for specific experiences of AM broadcasters to demonstrate how a rule change will aid in making a difference in their ability to improve service. They need your help. Please click the link below and complete the AM Revitalization Survey if you have relevant experience and would be willing to share the information for their filing. [Click the headline for link]
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Exitos 93.9 and the SCBA 1/7/14</font></b>The SCBA has begun a series of meetings with Radio member station sales teams to update them on the market, trends to look for, and a complete review of what the SCBA can offer member stations in 2014, including our exclusive SCBA Sales Training Classes and ongoing, in depth research. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Happy New Year, Indeed! 12/30/13</font></b>We are excited about the growth potential of Southern California Radio in 2014 and beyond. That statement is firmly planted in specific economic indicators for our region as reported by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Council. Here are just a few examples:

• Our region’s unemployment rate was 10.5% in 2012 and is now projected to be at 8.7% by the end of 2014.

• Business expansion increased by 4% in 2013 and is projected to grow by 6% in 2014.

• New residential construction grew by 15% in 2013 and is projected to grow by 18% in 2014.

• Our region’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP is the region’s final goods and services produced) is projected to increase from 1.8% in 2013 to 2.4% by the end of 2014. GDP is the most watched indicator of a healthy economy. Consumer spending and construction will be the leading growth factors for Southern California in 2014. (Click headline link for more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>SCBA Member Lotus Communications is Spotlighted in Inside Radio 12/9/13</font></b/With 31 stations and growing, Lotus Communications is a 51 year-old company and one of radio’s largest privately-held groups. Created in 1962 by Howard Kalmenson with the purchase of KWKW (1330), one of the first stations to target Hispanics in Los Angeles, the Lotus portfolio is currently split nearly evenly between English- and Spanish-language stations.
Today’s consumers face a growing array of devices and ways to connect with content–giving them the option to connect anytime, anywhere—and marketers are scrambling to capture their attention. But in their mad dash to engage consumers, marketers have had a constant companion as new products have been brought to market: radio.
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>SCBA and the GSM Council host a sold-out Radio Event</font></b>The Southern California Broadcasters Associations hosted the 2nd Annual Outstanding Achievement in Radio Advertising Awards on October 24th. Radio honored 4 great advertisers whose creativity and effective use of Radio were selected to win our prestigious awards. Our winners were Cedars Sinai, AIS Insurance, Southern California Ford Dealer Association and In-N-Out Burger. Additionally, the SCBA awarded a special Lifetime achievement award to Cal Worthington and was accepted by his grandson, Nick.
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>KJLH and 94.7 The Wave presented “The taste of Soul”</font></b>Both stations offered free music stages to this great event.
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Mount Wilson Broadcasting (Go Country 105) Launches KGIL-FM</font></b>Starting November 1 2013, Radio listeners in the Antelope Valley will now be able to enjoy great country music on the new KGIL, 98.5 FM, which will become a simulcast of KKGO-FM, Go Country 105 from Los Angeles.
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>SCBA's General Sales Managers Council Thanks Bill Denton</font></b>At their recent General Sales Manager Council meeting, the SCBA and the GSMC honored Bill Denton, GSM of KIIS and KSYR, for his years of great service as Chair of the GSM Council.
Why Radio is still the most powerful and compelling advertising platform today
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>KNX Adds Quarterly “Ask the Mayor” Program Beginning Oct. 24</font></b>For the first time since assuming office on July 1, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti will be featured on a live, listener call-in show, “Ask the Mayor,” to air exclusively on KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO. The hour-long, quarterly program will debut on Thursday, October 24 at 10:00 am.
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>ESPNLA and Lakers Extend Agreement Through 2019-2020 NBA Season</font></b>ESPNLA and the Los Angeles Lakers have reached an agreement to extend their radio play-by-play relationship for seven more seasons, keeping the iconic NBA team on ESPNLA through the 2019-2020 season.
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Lazer Broadcasting Completes Record-setting Radiothon 10-2-13</font></b>Spanish language radio stations in California and Reno, Nevada owned by Lazer Broadcasting Corporation completed a 42-hour fundraising Radiothon Friday evening benefiting local children’s hospitals with a record-setting $850,000 pledged or donated by listeners.
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b/>SCBA Elects New Executive Officers 10-2-13</font></b>The Southern California Broadcasters Association’s (SCBA) Board of Directors has voted in a new slate of officers for the 2014-2015 term. (more)
Earlier this week a group of 39 State Attorneys General wrote to the US Food and Drug Administration encouraging the regulation of electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product. Currently the sale and advertising of e-cigarettes falls in a gray area of speculation due to the antiquated regulations of traditional tobacco products. (more)
<font face size = 2 color = #990033><b>Special Thanks to Steve Carver, departing Chairman of the Board, SCBA 8-22-13</font></b>In recognition of his years of service and leadership to the Southern California Broadcasters Association, and on behalf of the board of directors, the SCBA presented Steve Carver, Senior Vice President/Market Manager, CBS Radio-LA with a special award for his leadership and stewardship of the SCBA.
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>SCBA Spotlight On...</font></b><font face = verdana size = 2 color = #000000><b>Mike Thompson's RV Super Stores 8-16-13</font></b>Confidence and a strong belief in Southern California Radio were a consistent topic of conversation when the SCBA put its spotlight on Mike Thompson's RV Super Stores. We had the opportunity to talk with Mellanie Ingle, President of Mingle Agency, whose client is Mike Thompson's RV Superstores.
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>A Threat to Our Industry 8-12-13</font></b>As you are aware, the record labels are once again pressuring Congress to enact a “royalty payment” from Radio so that labels can earn additional revenue from Radio industry airplay. It is our position that the Radio industry already pays BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC millions of dollars each year to cover musical performing rights and honors the creative and intellectual copyright protection with our payments, of which its creativity so deserves. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Attention Please: The “Radio is dead” meeting has been cancelled! 7-30-13</font></b>After a long Conga line of opinionated and less than researched “press” on the supposed decline of our industry, the actual facts once again prove that this dynamic and ubiquitous monster we call Radio just keeps growing! The Miller Kaplan Arase X-Ray report for June 2013 is filled with good news for Southern California Radio. While overall revenue growth is very encouraging, there is a robust trend line and highlights that demand our collective attention…and applause. (more)
The Southern California Broadcasters Association (SCBA) has announced that Amber Perry, General Sales Manager of KRTH-FM, Los Angeles, will act as Chairperson of the General Sales Managers Council for Southern California Radio members. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Riding the Wave of Success in Santa Ana 7-29-13</font></b>KWVE-FM, 107.9 and KWVE-AM 660 are riding a great wave of success with their Christian formats in Southern California. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Two Guys Talkin' Sports at ESPNLA 7-26-13</font></b>Thom visited ESPNLA's studios and offices at LA LIVE to congratulate Matthew Mallon and his sales team on their record breaking first 6 months of On-Air and Digital sales growth for 2013. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><B>Power 106 and SCBA Talk Radio, Digital and the future 7-23-13</Font></b>Val Maki, Vice President, Emmis Communications, and Market Manager for KPWR-FM, meets with Thom Callahan, SCBA President, to discuss SCBA initiatives including the launch of this Fall's SCBU Sales Training classes (now forming) as well as this Fall's "Best Radio Advertisers" event. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>"Reventon" with Entravision, SCBA and Super Estrella 107.1FM 7-22-13</font></b>15,000 Super Estrella 107.1FM fans jammed the Staples Center in LA on Saturday night, July 20 for great music and a great party. This kind of excitement and sold out event, generated by one radio station, must be seen to be believed and could never be measured by Arbitron. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>New CRM Tool from the RAB 7-18-13</font></b>We urge all our member stations to check out the new ACCOUNT MANAGER web based CRM system from the RAB. The easy to navigate system will help your sales staffs become even more efficient with their time and all of their account management activity. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>SCBA Welcomes the New Chairperson of The GSM Council, Amber Perry, GSM/KRTH-FM 7-19-13</font></b>The General Sales Manager Council works closely with the SCBA on a number of projects and events including the SCBU Sales Training program for new Account Executives, coming up in September. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>SCBA helps promote the CBA’S Social Media Seminar, using social media! 7-19-13</font></b>The three hour seminar provided a wealth of information about how to effectively use social media to enhance relationships with listeners, build following, and accomplish your station's goals. Our thanks to the California Broadcasters Association for bringing it to Southern California. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Newly Minted Californians 7-16-13</font></b>We welcome our newest SCBA members to the SCBA board of directors and the GSM Council. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>23 Stations and Growing 7-16-13</font></b>SCBA president Thom Callahan congratulates the senior management team of Gold Coast, High Desert, and Rincon Broadcasting LLC and LC Media LP for their continued membership and support of the SCBA. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Reaching New Heights with Cumulus 7-15-13</font></b>SCBA president Thom Callahan reviews upcoming events and strategy with SCBA Executive Board member and Secretary of the board of directors for SCBA, Marko Radlovic, President and Market Manager for Team Cumulus Los Angeles, KABC-AM and KLOS-FM. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>SCBA and RAB working together for Radio 7-15-13</font></b>The President and CEO of the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), Erica Farber, discusses future plans for working together with SCBA president, Thom Callahan. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Meeting of the Minds with Clear Channel and SCBA 6-27-13</font></b>SCBA President Thom Callahan met with Clear Channel Music and Entertainment in los Angeles this week to conduct a research and sales strategy session. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Career Opportunities Return to SCBA Website 6-26-13</font></b>We are pleased to announce that, by popular request, your SCBA is once again posting our member stations’ job openings, effective June 26, 2013. Simply click on “Career Opportunities” from the menu bar on the left, and then click Submit a Job Posting. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>SCBA Thanks U.S. International Media 6-26-13</font></b>The SCBA thanked U.S. International Media for their long term support and belief in the reach and effectiveness of Southern California Radio for their many clients. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>General Sales Managers Council is Back! 6-20-13</font></b>The General Sales Manager Council of the Southern California Broadcasters Association has reunited and met in session to review its Fall 2013 sales training program and its annual SCBA Advertiser Awards Luncheon. The Council serves as an important advisory board to the SCBA on Southern California Radio revenue, sales training for its sales teams, Advertiser recognition, relevant research material, critical sales appointments, and any opportunities and issues vital to the economic growth of our industry in Southern California. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Mt. Wilson Welcomes Thom Callahan 6-19-13</font></b>SCBA President Thom Callahan met with Mt. Wilson FM Broadcasting, Inc. over lunch to discuss their success and their pro-active involvement in the SCBA. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Thom Callahan Meets with Bonneville Managers 6-19-13</font></b>SCBA President Thom Callahan held discussions today on a variety of Radio topics with Bonneville’s classic rock station, KSWD-FM, 100.3 The Sound. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Thom Callahan Discusses Hispanic Marketing with Univision Radio 6-18-13</font></b> Congratulating Univision Radio on their strong Q2 revenue and ratings performance, SCBA president Thom Callahan meets with Jason Strongin, Vice President/Director of Sales, Radio Sales- Los Angeles and Jaime Jimenez, Executive Vice President/General Manager, Univision Communications, Los Angeles. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Thom Callahan Meets with Entravision 6-17-13</font></b>SCBA president Thom Callahan visited with Entravision Radio this week to discuss their successful sales strategy and the dynamic Hispanic community they so proudly serve. (more)
<font face = verdana size = 2 color = #990033><b>Salem Los Angeles Welcomes Thom Callahan 6/7/13</font></b>Thom had a great meeting with VP/GM Terry Fahy and his sales teams at Salem Radio this moring. Their warm welcome was appreciated. Salem Radio in Los Angeles are quality broadcasters serving Southern California, their listeners, and the communities in which they live and work. Please check out their Memorial Day Military Appreciation Day video at A wonderful event to honor our men and women in uniform and great Radio! Thanks Salem Radio for your great work. They are proud members of the SCBA.
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